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A1 Essays in 12 Steps

The 12-Steps Essay Writing method is published to help college students who want to improve their Social Science or Humanities essay writing grades.

These are the 12 steps students need to follow:

1 understand the essay purpose
2 attend the 1st study group meeting
3 do content research reading
4 make content research notes
5 discuss the research notes
6 create the essay outline
7 write the 1st draft Essay
8 add examples & illustrations
9 revise and Improve
10 make Essay-as-Art check
11 check the citations
12 proof check & format pages

Multi-Step Process

From the above list of recommended steps students can see that 12-Steps A1 Essay Writing is a multi-stage writing process. For every essay students need to allow at least 5 working days to work through the essay building process.

Study Synergy

There's an element of self selection involved in getting top A1 grades at college. Students who don't have self discipline are unlikely to follow the prescribed 12 steps habitually and so unless they have discovered a better system they may not generate any essay writing synergy.

Your study group is the synergy-center of the 12-Steps method. If you want top essay writing grades you need to be in an effective study group. Be selective about who you ask to join your group. Choose wisely and you can develop top decile essay grades!

A key benefit of a student study group is the quality of your essay background reading research and your draft essay outline. Working with friends in a small study group makes these tasks easier to manage and far more productive than they would be if you worked on them alone. The study group also gives you social encouragement when the study load and submission deadlines become stressful.

Group Meetings

At the group 1st meeting you will discuss the essay topic and agree how to spread the essay background research reading.

At the study group 2nd meeting you each discuss your research and work together to prepare a draft essay outline.

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