Flexible Thinking

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Boxed Solutions

You have probably heard the expression, 'thinking in a box' which refers to constraints that a culture or language paradigm has placed on a person's ability to think and solve problems. It also carries the disparaging connotation that the thinker isn't particularly creative!

If you are wondering whether you have 'in the box thinking' you may like to try the two problems below to find out

Assuming that you haven't already encountered these problems before you should be able to solve them both within about 4 minutes total. If you are pretty good at dealing with 'boxed' thinking you'll even have them solved in a few seconds!

Problem 1

For this problem you have to join all nine stars in the box with four straight lines. You may start and finish anywhere you wish but your pen must not leave the paper and the 4 lines must be straight. So with the exception of the start and ending points the 4 lines are connected

join the dots test

Problem 2

The next problem has 6 numbers one of which is missing. The task is to identify the missing number

identify the number


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