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If you are wondering about religious belief you may like some of these snippets of information about some opinions that some Christians believe.

Christian Family

The millions of Christians worldwide are part of the wider Christian family. Within this family of Christians there are variations of belief illustrated by differences between the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Roman Church, the Coptic Church, and many other church groups.

Part of the reason for the different opinions is that the early Christians didn't keep written diaries and the New Testament scriptures were written at a later date than the actual events so different opinions developed. There is, however, a high level of agreement between all Christians about the resurrection, the authority of Scripture, and The Lord's Prayer.

Where It Started

An influential one-God belief group originated about 3,600 years ago with the Semitic family of Abrahim in what is today Sinai, Palestine and Israel. Abrahim's belief was that there is one holy God who is referred to as Yahweh, but as a result of mankind's unholy behavior access to Yahweh required appeasement in the form of an animal sacrifice.

At first glance that appears to be a primitive form of guilt management but Abrahim's opinion became a foundation belief of Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

The Essenes

Jumping ahead from Abrahim about 16 centuries to the time of the Roman Empire when numerous groups of Essene Jews lived in Palestine helps us to understand how the 'Holy God' belief of Abrahim had led to the development of a class of Temple priests, a separate class of teachers, and a group of ascetic-lifestyle prophets such as the Essene brotherhood.

Prophet Isaiah

A Jewish prophet named Isaiah lived about 9 centuries after Abrahim and about 700 years before Jesus the Nazarene was born. Isaiah wrote about a Messiah who would be born in Israel but rejected and killed in a similar manner to Abrahim's sacrificial lamb offering. (Isaiah 53)

Jesus believed that he was that Messiah so when he went to Jerusalem on his last journey he knew that he was to fulfill the written prophecies concerning the Messiah. He knew that he was going to die.


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