Authoritarianism and Individual Liberty


Authoritarianism restricts the freedom of individuals based on the assumption that the person or group in authority is in some measure superior to the person or persons being controlled. The source of 'authority' can vary from simply being physically stronger through to an overriding power such as the King, the Law, National Security, God, a philosophy or some other authority that can be used as a social control mechanism.

To get compliance with their requirement an elite authoritarian group may use threats, intimidation, fines, imprisonment, or even lethal force to ensure the inferior group obeys their requirements.

Authoritarianism has been with humanity for a very long time. Socrates, Jesus, and Galileo are three men who experienced the effect of authoritarian elite groups. Today there are many examples of people who are affected by the same authoritarian assumption of a superior elite minority which controls the inferior majority.

Leo Strauss

The philosopher Leo Strauss has had considerable political influence on elite group thinking. Strauss thought that liberalism is weak and will ultimately lead to endless debate, indecision, and political introversion. To avoid such an undesirable state of affairs he espoused the need for 'noble lies' to be made by the elite to help maintain a stable order in society. To not lie would allow people to pursue short-term goals such as entertainment and hedonism which in turn would fragment society and lead to widespread lethargy.

Leo Strauss saw the need for an elite to create an enemy as a nation-unifying force that would motivate the people to action and prevent lethargy and social fragmentation.

Illusion War

When a country is bankrupt and surviving on borrowed money the first question to ask is, 'Who benefits from the use of that borrowed money?'

A war and having an active enemy helps legitimize an increase in foreign debt in the interest of saving the nation, but paying for international debt is like giving free money to overseas creditors who do nothing to add value to the loaned money so again we need to ask, 'Who's getting that free money?' and why is the nation paying it in the first place.

An Enemy Example

When the 9/11 Incident occurred the report was that terrorists had attacked the USA using hijacked passenger aircraft. The result was a downed aircraft, substantial structural damage at the Pentagon, destruction of the World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and Building 7, and the loss of nearly 3,000 people.

Liberal Non-Elite

There is information from many sources now available on the Internet and some of the official 9/11 Incident explanation is a poor fit with images and professional opinions from pilots and building structual engineers. Considering the poor fit explanation and having a good idea about who's benefiting from the national debt transfer payments should cause citizens to do some research searching.

If you are a college student I suggest you read/listen to the various opinions expressed on the Internet about the 9/11 Incident. Look closely at opinions from professional engineers and other knowledgeable professionals. Sift out the reliable information from the more dubious and list the reliable points under topic headings. Include the URL source as a citation to reduce duplicate info and to make it easy to recheck later. When you have listed about 15-20 points you should be able to decide for yourself whether the views of Leo Strauss may have influenced events before and following 9/11, and more recently in the Middle East and Tunisia.

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