Psychopaths in Suits & Other Weird Stuff

Thought Control

Power politics and short term goals are taking the world towards a very uncertain future and it's happening to a large degree because of culturally acquired paradigms influenced by 'education' and various propaganda

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Natural Health

Unique BLIS k12 probiotic helps to produce fresher breath oral peptides

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These links may be helpful for people who know that weight control is related to better health

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College Study

Retired tutor shows students how to get A1 grades and jump to the top decile

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Skeptic's Opinion

In Shakespeare's play Hamlet said of dead Polonius, "... if you want him go sniff in the stairwell." Some people decided to sniff the Government view of the 9/11 incident. What they discovered is shocking!

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Code of Silence

Here's an interesting quote, "... There's a culture of impunity and intimidation that has hampered investigations ..." The subject in this case is an investigation into the 1994 Buenos Aires bombing incident

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