Jesus Taught Virtue Not Religion

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Love Supersedes Law

Unlike the established Temple teachers and Priests Jesus taught the spirit of the Law of Moses rather than the rigid prescriptive interpretation that was common during the middle Roman era. Jesus seemed to have deliberately provoked the Jewish lawyers, the Pharisees and the Priestly class in a similar manner to that used by the Athenian Socrates.

Socrates was executed in Athens for 'poisoning the minds of young men' and Jesus was executed for spreading his sectarian beliefs in Israel. Rightly or wrongly both executions illustrate the power of social group-think.

Jesus Parables

At times when Jesus was indignant about the misuse of religion he presented his message forcefully and directly to the people he wanted to chastise. When teaching people in public he often used short stories known as parables. Parables tell a story but they also have a deeper spiritual meaning.

The parables of Jesus can be compared with Aesop's Fables. Aesop, the Greek story teller, used short allegorical stories using animals as the main characters. Aesop's Fables also contained a spiritual meaning in a similar manner to the parables of Jesus.

A Parable: The Sower.