CheapOair Airfare Booking

If you need cheap air tickets and you're not sure how the online booking system works then this page may help

All online booking systems are similar to the cheapoair booking online system which provides flight schedule information and airfare booking for more than 400 airlines worldwide

How to Book Flights

1 Select a booking agency of your choice, or use CheapOair Flights Booking

2 Enter your destination details and compare the various cheapo hotel/airfare options

3 Select the flights/hotel booking you want and pay the required fee using your credit card

4 You will receive an airfare booking confirmation email which you need to show when you check-in for your flight or hotel

5 Use your home printer to make a hard copy of the airfare ticket confirmation email

Flight Boarding Pass

When you check-in for your flight or at your hotel present the booking print-out you made when you got your CheapOair fare emailed confirmation. Reception staff will use the print-out information to access your online booking details on their computer when you check-in on the day of your travel. Also have ready the credit card you used for the flight online booking as staff at some airlines and hotels sometimes ask to see it for security confirmation purposes

Flight Trip Insurance

Emergency non-resident medical treatment can be very expensive overseas. Travelers need to consider the risk of any unexpected sickness that they may experience

An example of the high cost is a teacher friend from NZ who was on vacation in Japan when he became seriously ill. He was hospitalized and faced a US$200,000 hospital bill for the 4 weeks hospital care he received. He was very glad that he had bought short-term sickness and airfare travel insurance!

If you need travel protection you can buy the travel medical insurance that you need when you make your flight and hotel booking online with CheapOair. This online insurance buying applies to the CheapOair booking system but insurance can probably be bought at most other booking systems too

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