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Jesus & Authoritarian Regimes

Author James Hi. I am James, the webmaster of this Yanimon site. On this site I explore events surrounding the life and death of Jesus in Old Palestine and rational belief for Christians.

Jesus and Socrates

There is a similarity between the opinions of Jesus who irritated some people in old Palestine and Socrates who irritated people in Greek Athens. Both philosophers expressed the opinion that developing inner purity and personal virtue is the purpose of this life rather than the accumulation of earthly wealth.

They may have seemed rather eccentic to some people at the time when they were alive but they were physically harmless. Socrates had fought alongside other Athenians in Ancient Greece and Jesus healed many sick people in Palestine. Unfortunately their social contribution counted for nothing when established regimes executed them for propagating 'wrong thoughts'.

Both men were executed because they expressed opinions that conflicted with group-think opinions of other more powerful groups. Roman soldiers in Jerusalem scourged Jesus and then killed him by crucifixion at the behest of the Jewish Sanhedrin and Socrates died a relatively gentle death by hemlock poison.

Having 'wrong thoughts', and presumably not having 'right thoughts', is still relevant today. Opinion-clash is obvious in the case of well organized authoritarian groups that use coercion or force to impose their opinions on other people, but it's less obvious when business organisations lobby law makers to pass laws which favor them rather than passing legislation that would benefit a far wider range of people.

Some people have realised that individual liberty erosion by stealth is happening under the umbrella of the 'greater social good' principle and are concerned that authoritarian groups combined with 'law-creep' are eroding individual freedom. If they speak out and protest it's quite possible they will be sterotyped as a 'wrong thoughts' minority that is best silenced. Whistleblower Snowden is an example that comes to mind.

The prejudice of authoritarian group-think hasn't changed much since the time when Jesus was silenced for speaking out and confronting the hypocrites among Israel's ruling class.

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